Executive Wellness Coaching


Have you started to notice that you seem to be under a permanent state of pressure with very little or even no time to switch off?

Are you starting to feel undervalued and more frustrated and simply accept it as the price you have to pay for the position you have reached?

Are you noticing that you are getting more emotional and reactive than you would normally?

And even if you are aware of any of the above you find it almost impossible to find the energy or motivation to do anything about it?

What you may not realise is that all these symptoms could be leading to chronic stress or burnout.

I work with professionals who are normally highly motivated and driven but are afraid to speak up at work and admit that they may need some help.

How does a confidential conversation with someone who knows what this is like and can help you get your mojo back sound?

How I Can Help You

I can help you look at what you need to let go of and create positive new habits that will help create balance and allow you to get back your energy and spark to do even greater things.

Coaching is an investment in your own personal growth and development. And often we feel guilty about putting ourselves first.  I know it is a big decision so I want you to know the value you will be getting from me. 

With me as your coach you will be guaranteed to get:

  • 100% unconditional support, commitment and belief in all that you want to achieve and who you are.

  • A confidential listening ear that has no agenda

  • A service you will look forward to.

  • More energy, focus, clarity and satisfaction after just a few sessions.

  • FREE email access to me between the sessions so that you are completely supported throughout your coaching journey.

  • Occasional homework to do between sessions which will speed up your progress.

  • Considerably closer to what you want.

I try to offer a flexible menu of packages but as a minimum I ask for a commitment to 4 sessions as it is only through a series of sessions that the real breakthroughs can come about.

So for an example, four 90 minute skype coaching sessions held once a month would be £530. Sessions can also be booked for 60 minutes and held more frequently if preferred.

If you have done any research I am sure you will appreciate that coaching is not a service that can be compared like with like.

However, before you decide I would love to talk to you about your situation with absolutely no obligation and then you are free to decide if my coaching approach is right for you.

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